Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Reflective Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Reflective Report - Essay Example The research that I have done deconstructed my view and my perception of what is Nike. The horrendous experience of the workers of Nike is no small thing. People do work and take jobs so that they can have a better life. It is not something that one will do and yet at the end of the day one turns out to be more miserable; more miserable because one has experienced becoming less of a human and be treated as machine whose sole purpose is to produce. One can argue, as Bhagwati (2007) claims that Nike workers are better off, but that is not true. Hand to mouth survival is not human survival. It is the way animals in the jungle live. Unfortunately, this reality is experienced by the workers of Nike because the salary that Nike gives is not enough to feed and provide semblance of a good life to its workers, while Tiger Woods has been given millions of dollars. The injustice that Nike perpetuates in its factories bears witness to the deplorable condition of third world workers, who bounded by poverty and structural corruption in their own countries, have no better alternative in improving their lives. It is like the choice is between two evils – you suffer in the quagmire of poverty or work in Nike and hopefully one can have something to eat (even just a little). Workers’ stories show the other side of Nike, its dark side. I cannot help but be emphatic with the unethical working condition in Nike. As a student of management, the stories of the workers of Nike has shown me that management can really do something in making the lives of the workers better. The management is in the position to carry out company policies that will make the working conditions and the workers’ status improved, healthier and humane. This is our function and our vision as managers – as we try to gain profit for the company that we are servicing, we should never forget that there are also stakeholders of the company whose interest should also be upheld. The companyâ €™s stakeholders are as important as its shareholders. Their interest should be protected and addressed as the way to the present and future of management and of the organisation is finding the balance between shareholders’ interest and stakeholders’ interests. I believe that this is difficult but I also think that is the way management ought to be – responsive to both the shareholders and stakeholders concerns. I believe gone are the days when firms exist for profit and profit alone. It is not the way how the market responds now. The market is the people who see the importance and value of human rights, labour rights and corporate social responsibility. In fact, they are willing to pay more for products that hold up causes that they support and, at the same time, they are willing to withdraw support to products and corporations who have been unethical and abusive of their workers, of the environment and of their stakeholders. This is what happened to Nike. Some of their regular buyers refuse to buy their products anymore. I am one of them. Moreover, the research has opened to me the reality of the challenge that management faces in the current period. I think the unethical behaviour of Nike toward its workers is the standard of what should not be done. What has happened to the workers of Nike is not the norm in management and workers relation but it is that which should be avoided. Others may find me idealistic but the reality of the

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